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DPM PLCE Webbing Set

Consisting of belt, yoke and 4 various pouches (ammo,utility etc).  All in good grade 1 condition.  Genuine ex British Military issue.  Ideal for Paintball. Airsoft or Cadets.£29.95.

Price:  £29.95

Multi-cam Trauma Pouch

Large cordura pouch with 4 separate compartments and quick release fittings, PLCE belt mountable, designed for medical supplies. New.

Price:  £21.95


A6 V-cam Notepad Holder and Pad

Cordura zipped pouch designed for an A6 pad, with sections for pens etc. with.25 page waterproof notepad included. New.

Price: £8.95

Viper V-Cam Webbing Set.

6-piece webbing set in a camouflage pattern compatible with MTP and Multi-cam, consisting of a padded belt with MOLLE fittings and quick release buckle, waterbottle pouch, utility pouch 2 x double ammo pouches and adjustable yoke.  Other pouches can be fitted if required.  Ideal for Cadets, Airsoft, Paintball etc.
Brand New.

Price:  £79.95

Viper V-cam Elitr Waist belt.

This fully modular padded belt acts as a platform for the user to build and customise with MOLLE pouches.  Made using the padded Ventex system for enhanced user comfort, with 4 D-ring attachment points to allow the use of a yoke when necessary. Adjustable up to a 50" waist. Brand New.

Price:  £18.95

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MTP Webbing Set.

Multicam pattern cordura webbing set, ideal for cadets. Fully adjustable at waist and shoulders, with quick release clips and velcro fastenings.Supplied with belt, yoke, 2 ammo pouches, utility pouch, and waterbottle pouch. Additional pouches may be purchased separately for attachment to suit your requirements. Grade 1 used.

Price: £49.95

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PLCE Bayonet Frog.

British military issue bayonet frog in olive green nylon cordura, with brass webbing clips and plastic quick release clip to secure bayonet. New.

Price:  £4.95