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Trekker Self Inflating Roll Mat.

48" in length, Olive Green/Coyote Tan, reversible, complete with puncture repair kit and stuff sack. Designed for all year round camping. New.

Price:  £25.00

Folding Sleep Mat.

Durable and compact, 185cm length, 0.4cm thickness, can also be used as a sit mat and as additional back padding in a bergen or rucksack. New.

Price:  £25.00

British Army Issue Ferrino 1-Man Freestanding Mosquito Net Tent.

Bivi, freestanding mosquito net designed for one person, consisting of of the mosquito net with sewn in groundsheet, 2 elasticated fibre glass poles, 4 tent pegs, all with individual carry bags.

Dimensions; Length 74"
Width 29"
Height at apex 48"
Weight 2.2 kilos.

Genuine British military issue, in excellent used condition.

Price:  £28.00

Traditional Enamel Mug.

Takes 560ml (approx 1 pint) of your favourite beverage, hot or cold, tough yet lightweight. New.

Price:  £5.95

US 3 Piece Cookset.

Comprising of sturdy, yet lightweight, aluminum pans.  Two saucepans (both of approx 2.5 litre capacity) and one frying pan/saucepan lid.  Weight approx 600 grams. Genuine US issue. New.

Price:  £16.95

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Jerry Can Gasket.

Heavy duty Jerry can gasket to fit standard NATO issue Jerry can. Over time the original gaskets will perish leading to leaking around the filler caps - these are the perfect replacement. New.

Price:  £1.50

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Utility Strap With Ladder-lock.

0.9m long, 1" wide olive green webbing strap with ladder lock fastening, ideal for tying up a sleeping bag, for fastening large items onto a rucksack or for many similar purposes. Ladder lock allows for adjustable tightness and flexibility, and the matching end of the strap has been tapered to ease fastening.

Price: £2.95

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Knife/Fork/Spoon Set.

Lightweight clip-together cutlery sets in their own carry-pouch, easy to pack away in a rucksack as they take up very little space! Weighs only 74g, new.

Price:  £2.95

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Mess Tins.

Traditional 2 piece set of military style metal cooking tins, as used by the British army from the Boer war to the present day. Weight 430g, new.

Price:  £6.95


The classic British army solid-fuel stove, with fuel tablets included. Simply light one, place on the stove, and put your cooking apparatus over the top. Compact, lightweight, and foldable, measuring approximately 3x10x12cm when packed. Weighs 370g including fuel tablets, brand new.

Price:  £5.95


Spare fuel blocks for the hexi - stove above, in packs of 8 tablets in a waxed cardboard packet for weatherproofness, ideal for emergency use or as a particularly compact cooking option.

Price:  £2.50

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DPM Basha.

Ideal for use as a versatile shelter, sleeping bag cover or emergency carrying sheet. Nine reinforced loops around the edge, brass eyelets at corners and middle, allowing it to be secured in a variety of ways. Fully waterproof, tough double pu coated nylon, approximately 265 x 175 cm, weighs 640g. Used, Grade 1.

Price:  £33.00

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Webtex Extending Shelter Pole.

Useful for erecting a basha as a shelter, or to replace a lost/broken tentpole, extending from 12" to 24" at the twist of a knob.

Price:  £7.95

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Elasticated 1' rope with hooks on both ends, very useful for attaching kit or for holding out a shelter.

Price:  £1

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Tent Pegs.

Standard 8" tent pegs with hook end, invaluable for erecting a tent, shelter, or fastening camo net.

Price:  8 for £1

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Large warm military issue blanket in grey/brown, hemmed for durability. Constructed from 55% wool, 45% mixed fibres with red trim. Suitable for a vast array of purposes, and cheaper than most sleeping bags. Sized 60" x 80". New.

Price:  £15.95

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Roll Mat.

Polyolefin foam sleeping mat for 3 season use, providing comfort and insulation when sleeping on the ground as well as protecting the underside of your sleeping bag from thorns etc. Dimensions 1.8 x 0.5m, thickness 8mm. New.

Price:  £10.00

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Camo Net.

Military issue camouflage net in nylon for longer life. Mixture of greens and brown across the surface, sized approximately 8' x 8' - big enough to go over a car or inside a bedroom.

Price:  £29.95